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4dec, 2022

Supply Chain Visibility Without Control?

Can you imagine driving down the interstate and you suddenly need to change lanes, but you don’t have a steering wheel? You have visibility. You can see the stalled vehicle in front of you clearly through your windshield, but you can’t do anything about it. Oh, and...

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30jan, 2023

Let There Be Light!                

Your vendor said they loaded 50 cartons of widgets on their recent shipment to you. Yet, until you actually see that product on your receiving dock, and you ‘receive’ them into your ERP/WMS, the product does not actually exist. In fact, you are not sure widgets are...

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17feb, 2023

It’s 9 PM: Where is your Inventory?

For the past several decades companies have built supply chains that attempt to optimize cost and results. The supply chains are often months long as international sourcing became the default management strategy. This extra time between supply...

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30mar, 2023

Food and Drug Safety Finally Steps Up

This may come as a shock to you, but when you pick that product off the shelf in the grocery store, you are the only one that knows the lot number and expiration date of the inventory in your hand. With the simple twist of a wrist, you can see the lot number and...

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19apr, 2023

Good Ol' Fashion Zone Skipping                

Once upon a time, a time before the internet, ‘Please Allow 4 – 6 Weeks for Delivery’ was a common phrase everyone understood. However, the catalogue or infomercial company didn’t actually need 4 – 6 weeks to deliver your Mr. Microphone...

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