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KWITbox - Priority Sync

KWITbox Priority Sync adds to Zone Skipping by assigning a priority to all the open supply orders relative to inventory on hand. Using ASCM certified Demand Driven Execution Planning methods, Priority Sync:

   • Creates a dynamic, priority gauge for each SKU/Location (SKUL) in your supply chain
   • Monitors on hand inventory of your supply chain
   • Assigns priorities to the orders replenishing these locations based upon urgency
   • Support zone skipping based upon actual supply chain need

KWITbox - Priority Sync

Your current systems only use date and quantity to prioritize open orders. That is of no value when sorting through a stack of open replenishment orders and deciding which ones are most urgent.

You do not:

   • have a dynamic measure of need in your supply chain
   • have the ability to prioritize order replenishment without an identified emergency
   • have a way to make shipping decisions when limited capacity or expediting is required

KWITbox - Priority Sync

Priority Sync dynamically models and measures the on-hand inventory of your supply chain. Each related order is then assigned a two-factor priority (color and percentage) you can sort from most critical to everything’s fine. Depending upon the urgency and the volume you organize loads/containers headed to the same geographic zone or region to gain economies of scale. Your load plan is then confirmed as each box is loaded into the designated container.

KWITbox Priority Sync:

   • Validates the contents of each box by PO, SKU, etc.
   • Creates serial labels for each shippable unit
   • Validates product movements of pick up, load planning, loading, shipped, etc.
   • Augments your receiving and allocation functions with dynamic priorities
   • Assigns and prints a parcel carrier label in transit
   • Accumulates in transit inventory for priority load building
   • Knows which specific boxes are inside which container number
   • Maintains the audit trail of where each box came from & when/how they are going




The following 9 functions serve as a roadmap for how Synchronized Priority can be deployed to fit your company’s specific requirements. Rearranging or editing the functions to your supply chain ensures a ‘custom’ solution that all of the stakeholders of your supply chain can use and benefit.



KWITbox - laptop

This function creates the unique serial number for each carton which you simply print locally, ideally at your vendor, as a label. The purchase order number, line/sku number and quantity open are all validated and directly assigned to each specific box. When the SKU is lot controlled, lot number and expiration date are also captured so that you Know What’s In The Box for Compliance.


KWITbox - laptop

This function is used to plan and track transport of Bookings you are responsible for delivering. International sourcing uses this to move product from the vendors production facility to the consolidation center for shipment. Individual boxes can be scanned to verify the contents of the Pickup, or you can simply change the status at the Booking level if it meets your audit requirements.


KWITbox - laptop

This function acts like the receiving function you have in your existing systems today. Once inventory is received it can be allocated – and now you can Receive inventory wherever and whenever you’d like. This could be a consolidation center in Asia or any 3PL facility around the world. Zone Skipping uses this function to message your ERP that more inventory is available for Allocation.

Priority Sync

KWITbox - phone

This function shows the carton level synchronized priority calculated by KWITbox and the current status of your supply chain. This drives your ability to Synchronize Priorities during Load Planning to bypass segments of your complete distribution network to save time, money, and congestion. These set of priorities are calculated by KWITbox using data from your ERP and is updated each time the SKUL/Sales History files are received.


KWITbox - phone

This function ties the Allocation directive from your ERP to each specific box and prints parcel/carrier label locally. The label will not only comply with the parcel carrier requirements, including electronic notification, but it helps manual sortation of inventory into zones or regions. No additional handling labor is required, and your products are pre-sorted for strategic Load Planning.

Load Planning

KWITbox - phone

This function drives Zone Skipping by providing you regional and zone level grouping opportunities to bypass segments of your supply chain. With final destination labels already applied you get to decide if there is sufficient volume to fill a container for a region/zone. If there is, you build loads that are delivered to the ‘local’ parcel carrier’s facility for final mile delivery.


KWITbox - phone

This function validates which boxes were loaded into which containers/trailers. Positive confirmation of which inventory is in which shipment is vital to ensure Zone Skip planning is followed. Box level Loading validation lifts the fog that most supply chain visibility solutions create. Without reliable information as to the contents of a container/truck you lack the ability to make effective decisions quickly.


KWITbox - laptop

This function updates the status of the container, and each individual box therein, to Shipped so you can see which containers/trucks are on their way to you and what is specifically in each one.


KWITbox - laptop

This function updates the status of the container, and each individual box therein, to Landed so that you know which containers/trucks have arrived onshore and require additional handling for delivery.

In Transit

KWITbox - laptop

This function updates the status of the container, and each individual box therein, to In Transit so you can see which containers/trucks are on their way to their final destination or parcel/carrier facility.


KWITbox - laptop

This function updates the status of each box to Delivered once you receive notification from the parcel/carrier that delivery has been successful. You now have the detailed records for the full life of this box and its contents.


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