• Hi, I'm Dibs.
    A cloud-based, digital inventory bot service you train to make
    your job easier and your results better.
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    What do I do?
    Capture missing/critical information needed to
    improve productivity, accuracy and compliance.
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    Where do I work?
    In logistics, production, and distribution
    where employees or vendors work on orders and inventory.
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    How do I do it?
    You train me to ask the right questions and
    validate workers answers, when and where they work.
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    Pay as you go.
    Dibs are funded, quickly, out of your operating
    budget to get results and pay for themselves.

Easy by


Logistics, Production and Distribution require accuracy, efficiency and quality. Operations are dynamic and results are critical. So, we designed Dibs from the ground up to be quick and agile.


One Hour

for you to train me which questions to ask and answers to validate

Unleash Genius

One Day

to deploy to encourage worker feedback and buy-in to your Dibs design

Free Prototype

One Week

later, your spreadsheets verify answers, test the logic and confirm user buy-in

Without Effort

One Month

to measure results, celebrate, adjust, and keep improving

Pay As You Go



There are many steps and stakeholders in your supply chain today. Our low/no tech solution shatters the barriers to adoption and encourages collaboration by making everyone's job easier.



  • Create and track to know what’s in the box

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  • Document, report and fill supply chain gaps

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Zone Skip

  • Accumulate, divert and bypass distribution

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Priority Sync

  • Prioritize and align with actual customer need

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Where there are workers, orders and inventory; Dibs can make it better.

  •  Low risk to explore and improve supply chain execution
  •  1 hour, day, week, and month to results
  •  Pay for it out of your existing operating budget
  •  No disruption to ERP or third-party software
KWITbox - Apparel


Branded apparel retailer, outsourced manufacturing. Dibs booking at vendors production line and full control until store shelf – bypassed distribution network to save $5 and 3 days per carton

KWITbox - Automotive


Aftermarket overseas distribution. Dibs in warehouse receiving, storage, picking, & packing – eliminated picking errors and accidentally captured a 25% productivity increase

KWITbox - Industrial


Engineered to order mfg. Dibs in warehouse, production, & field service for project inventory - improve productivity, accuracy, and compliance to improve service and predictive maintenance

KWITbox - Healthcare


Hospital to wholesale order management. Translated between surgeon's unique orders and the wholesalers standard BOM – eliminated shipping error and surgical reschedules




Know What’s In The Box is a story 2 decades in the making. Along the way, we have been fortunate to win awards from industry analysts and associations

KWITbox - Warehouse of the Year

Warehouse of the Year

Mobile Technology Magazine was the first to recognize the ability of Dibs by granting us this award in 2010.

KWITbox - Gartner Cool Vendor

Gartner Cool Vendor

2011 got off to a great start when Dibs was fortunate to earn this distinguished recognition from Gartner.

KWITbox - Supply Chain Technology of the Year

Supply Chain Technology of the Year

Toward the end of 2011, we won this award from the Supply Chain and Logistics Summit - North America.

KWITbox - Supply Chain of the Year

Supply Chain of the Year

By the end of 2012, Zone Skipping has been deployed and the Supply Chain and Logistics Summit - North America gave us our second award in two years.




Employees, vendors, and third-party providers work on orders and inventory all over your supply chain. Dibs captures missing/critical information for transactions ignored by your ERP, but vital to operations, such as:

  •  Booking
  •  Pick Up
  •  Load
  •  Land
  •  Ship
  •  Receiving
  •  Store
  •  Replenish
  •  Pick
  •  Production
  •  Quality
  •  Deliver/Service

We Solve



Quickly explore and capture supply chain opportunities. We work at your pace.



  •  2-hour Design meeting
  •  Can be Excel, flat file, or sample file


  •  Source data to Pilot
  •  Can be Excel, flat file, or sample file


  •  Training as required
  •  Users initiate Pilot
  •  User support


  •  KWITbox delivers Prototype
  •  Prototype is executed & users provide feedback
  •  Go/no-go decision to proceed to Pilot

Logic Development

  •  KWITbox assigns/tests logic to support the Pilot
  •  Pilot delivered 1 week after receipt of source data

Go Live

  •  Pilot Results validated
  •  User adoption/acceptance
  •  Steering Co Meetings
  •  Go/no-go decision to proceed to Production

Sustain & Enhance

  •  Continue Pilot while data integration, as required, with ERP/WMS/etc.
  •  Expand functionality
  •  Upgrade process & data

our clients


KWITbox first deployed in 2012. 10 years later we have re-architected our software and focused our services & message to Know What’s In The box.

    Charlie Kantz
    VP Logistics Supply Chain - Baker Footwear Group

    "Zone Skipping from Asia directly to the regional parcel carrier's facility saved me 3 days and $5 shipping and handling per carton. Being able to control, allocate, label and load in the cloud was a game changer."


Let's talk about your need to Know What's In The Box


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